Jerry Mickulek wins 3 Gun Nationals with AR GOLD Trigger, the number one AR15 trigger in the world

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Chip McCormick (CMC Corporation) and Ronin Colman (PACT and American Trigger Corporation) have reached an exclusive field of use licensing agreement for US Patents 7,162,824 and 7,293,385 – incorporating American Trigger's enhanced safety features into Chip McCormick's modular trigger concept. Additional patents are pending.

"Chip and I have been friends since we were in our early 20's, totaling 27 years, he's really done an outstanding job with his Modular Trigger idea. His patents well vetted, superbly thought out and executed. It's been great to work with him on the project," Colman said.

"The AR Gold trigger is extremely elegant, innovative and affective design incorporating the modular, drop-in trigger concept. A serious upgrade for any AR15 type rifle and certain to be one of the most important and desirable new accessories in 2009. I'm looking forward to using one of Ronin's new AR Gold triggers this hunting season in one of my long range, high precision AR rifles," McCormick commented.


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*The color GOLD for the trigger component of the AR Gold trigger assembly is a trademark of American Trigger Corporation, and is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.