Jerry Mickulek wins 3 Gun Nationals with AR GOLD Trigger, the number one AR15 trigger in the world

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All engagement parts (hammer and sears) are manufactured from S7 steel using ultra precision wire EDM, hardened with engagement surfaces treated. The cassette is precision CNC'd and Mil-spec hard anodized. The trigger cassette comes assembled and ready to install in any Mil-spec AR receiver with ".154" holes and NO Colt "sear block ." If you have a Colt you'll want to make sure there is no sear block.

"The AR Gold trigger is extremely elegant, innovative and affective design incorporating the modular, drop-in trigger concept. A serious upgrade for any AR15 type rifle and certain to be one of the most important and desirable new accessories in 2009. I'm looking forward to using an AR Gold trigger this hunting season in one of my long range, high precision AR rifles."

- Chip McCormick

Adjustable and Fixed

Some folks like adjustable triggers, some like them fixed. The upside to the adjustable version is that you can control sear engagement and over-travel, the downside is two fold. First you can set it so that the trigger will not function, or getting so silly cutting the engagement down to near nothing that you risk reliability. The second issue has to the screws walking and the trigger going out of adjustment. If you correctly Loc-Tite the screws, this is not a problem. On the other hand if you fail to Loc-Tite them correctly, they can and will move.

We have a fixed weight trigger in the pipeline, which trades adjustability for being “tamper proof.” This trigger will be set to a weight optimized for use with gloves.

"Spent a week with the AR Gold comp trigger in a Bushmaster M4 here at Blackwater USA and it is now in my own personal weapon. All I can say is."WOW". If you don't have one, get one, no, get two. My name is Hershel Davis and I approve this message.

Hershel Davis
Corporate Master Chief Blackwater USA
Command Master Chief of SEALS (Retired)"

Crisp Vs. Rolling

When most shooters think of a great trigger they are thinking "Crisp." Which is to say no detectable trigger movement (creep) as weight is added to the break point. This is the "Glass Rod" trigger feel. There are some shooters who prefer a “Rolling” trigger. A great Rolling trigger has perceptible movement with no change on weight during the movement, slick with no hint to let off point; like pushing a frosty glass mug across a glass table top with your eyes closed – you know it’s moving, but you can’t feel it going over the edge. This type of trigger is OK for close high speed shooting, but is not optimal when a precison shot is called for. The AR Gold was designed to provide a Crisp feel, with super short reset.

"For those that demand the best in a precision trigger for the AR-15 rifle, American Trigger has cracked the code with the AR Gold trigger, It simply is the final word in 'crisp sear release' for target or competition shooting."

- Ken Hackathorn





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Trigger Pull Weight

Because the AR Gold trigger started as a clean slate and is a purpose built match grade trigger from the start, it is not sitting on the ragged edge of working when set to comparatively low pull weights that would compromise any but the flawlessly set up conventional AR trigger.

"From the moment I first saw the AR Gold trigger, I c uld see that it was a completely new concept in trigger design. It was clearly well thought out and engineered to address the problems that have hounded conventiona  AR triggers for years. I had complete confidence in it from the start."

- Jerry Miculek

Based on our testing we found most shooters liked the trigger set to around three pounds. Understand that three pounds with this trigger is different then three pounds with a conventional AR trigger. The very short first stage take up will run around six ounces, the actual sear movement of the second stage taking the rest of the weight. This is not done through the use of light springs, but by virtue of completely different engagement geometry.

"The AR Gold trigger is an incredible advancement in AR trigger design. The design allows for a wide range of trigger weight without compromising the reliability at all. The short reset movement allows shots to be fires at a high rate of speed when necessary, the beautiful action allows for precision fire that was only obtainable in a two stage design in the past. When I first heard about the trigger I was skeptical, but after installing it in a rifle... I will be installing these triggers in all my rifles!"

- Michael Voigt

In contrast a conventional AR trigger set to three pounds would likely have a have a first stage of around two pounds with the second stage adding about the last pound - in other words hanging by a thread and very hard to shot fast well.

"Quality of trigger pull is everything to a shooter. The AR Gold trigger is the best there is. Not only is it lightning fast, the reset is so short I don't even have to think about it - I just shoot and the trigger takes care of itself. The AR Gold trigger is a must-have for both high speed and precision shooting."

-  Jerry Miculek

If you like the light take up and short reset of a top grade 1911 trigger, this is what you experience with an American Trigger Corporation AR Gold Trigger.



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