Jerry Mickulek wins 3 Gun Nationals with AR GOLD Trigger, the number one AR15 trigger in the world

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This is the absolute finest AR Trigger in the world – by far, bar none. A trigger like no other.  Why do we say that? Because every other after market “Match”  is designed around the Camp Perry High Power course of fire and rules regarding trigger weight. That course of fire does not require high speed shooting and trigger rules flow from the reality of our United States service rifles stock triggers. In contrast we started with a clean piece of paper to make the patented AR Gold trigger with the goal of delivering the finest of trigger pulls for the precision shooter, coupled with the ultra short reset that the high speed low drag shooter longs for. We added to this enhanced safety features, which admittedly don’t mean much to paper punchers, but are a Good Thing for our Soldiers, Marines and Law Enforcement Officers.

"Spent a week with the AR Gold comp trigger in a Bushmaster M4 here at Blackwater USA and it is now in my own personal weapon. All I can say is, "WOW." If you don't have one, get one, no, get two. My name is Hershel Davis and I approve this message."

Hershel Davis
Corporate Master Chief Blackwater USA
Command Master Chief of SEALS (Retired)

Try our trigger for 30 days. The AR Gold trigger will improve your shooting, or we’ll buy it back from you.



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